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Welcome to a new health paradigm

We strive to elevate the common concept of healthcare towards a new paradigm. We believe that health is essentially the result of pure and sufficient lifestyle choices; what we call 'illness' or 'dis-ease' is in fact an adaptive change caused by chronic physical and emotional stressors, environmental and nutritional toxicities and deficiencies. Therefore, we think there is nothing truly therapeutic about the pure reduction of symptoms, which is the focus of the mainstream healthcare system in our era. We do not deny its utility in extreme scenarios, even though this often ends up in further delay and perpetuation of those wrong choices and habits that caused the problem in the first place. Focusing on symptoms reduction is not sustainable anymore, nor therapeutic; it is not "health care" but "sick care". Something we do not identify with. Patients symptoms ask for a change because a change of direction in that patient's life is needed. We listen to those symptoms, we do not repress them; their importance is crucial because they represent the starting point to develop awareness and will towards permanent changes in our patients life

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Clinic core values

Our work is guided by a strong commitment to the values of:


  • Equity: we welcome and respect all people

  • Integrity: we value honesty and we are guided by transparent moral principles

  • Whole-person care: our approach acknowledges all aspects of each individual

  • Wellness: we emphasise optimisation of health and illness prevention, rather than focusing on symptom reduction

  • Empowerment: we provide physical and psychological strategies and lifestyle resources that cultivate resilience and trigger each person’s unique healing abilities

  • Competence: our interventions are backed up by clinical experience, research and evidence based rationale

  • Authenticity: we practice what we preach. Our lifestyle is coherent with chiropractic principles and philosophy. We live what we do

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Monday 8am - 6pm

Tuesday 8am - 6pm

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Friday 8am - 6pm

Saturday: CLOSED

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